About Me

I never thought I would get to follow the traditional American dream to success due to my unsavory childhood and background, but I did. After attending CU/Boulder I went to the University of Virginia Law School. I have been in private practice, an Assistant Attorney General, a Deputy Commissioner of Insurance for the State of Colorado, the Director of Real Estate for the State of Colorado, started my own expert witness company, real estate company and law practice. After lots more than my allotted 15 minutes of fame, I came to the conclusion that the traditional path to success was not all it was cracked up to be.

I am freer now to do things I choose to do. In fact, my freedom is virtually unlimited. Doing these things is more daunting than it seems. One day last year, I just woke up and started making plans. I purchased the necessary supplies to pick up my passion for painting with pastels. I forked out for a new camera and lens and really learned how to use them. I began practicing Spanish very hard every day. I bought a ticket to Spain and found VRBO apartments to stay in while there. Four months later I went to Costa Rica for a month.

After my trip to Costa Rica, I’m a little obsessed about what makes people happy. I’m fascinated by the interplay between nature, GDP, family, friendships and government.  These are the indicia of the indices used to measure happiness such as the Happy Planet Index.

I blog because I have to write.  I have been writing since before I could spell, drawing squiggly lines on paper that only I could decipher.  I suppose I will write a book some day, but it will not be about happiness.

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