Sexiness in Central America

What is sexy for a woman? It depends. It depends on where you are for one thing. Last night in Sámara, the server had an ample curved bottom that popped out, barely covered with tiny shorts dangling swinging tassels that did not cover up her cheeks or a little cellulite. Her thighs were thick by U.S. standards and she carried around a woman’s belly–you know what I mean. She walked with her chest and bottom out, head high. And she was sexy as hell and she knew it.

Another young woman on the beach flouted her apple bottom and muffin top tummy. She had a skinny waist and filled out her bathing suit top well. She got lots of looks from the Ticos. She was definitely sexy.

You may think I’m going to bash the impossibly thin flat bellied, no assed models in the U.S. I’m not. Too cliché. I’m thinking about the character of Hannah on Girls. She’s slightly overweight by US standards, her face is merely pleasant, she has no augmentations that I can see, but she gets laid all the time by really good looking guys. She is a writer and super interesting. She’s very comfortable with who she’s not and that makes her confident. She can’t handle long term relationships and that makes her vulnerable. All told, she’s sexy. Guys love her.

And since it’s my birthday, what about Susan Sarandon? She’s seventy. Her latest goal is to make porn for women. I’ve looked at photos of her standing next to famous actresses half her age and she holds her own. She’s simply, well, sexy.

Preferences for what’s physically sexy appear to change with geography. But sexiness is definitely an attitude.

(N.B.: I received so much feedback from this post that I decided to do more research on what makes a woman sexy. I found articles that mention universal qualities that have to do with reproduction but that’s not what interests me. What characteristics make a woman sexy, physically, mentally, spiritually, whatever. Send me a comment. I’m interviewing people in Costa Rica. I’m comparing. Thanks for the interest!)

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